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Top 5 latest Jewellery trends of this season

Top 5 latest Jewellery trends of this season

It is impossible to characterize jewelry trends of 2018 in one word. This year is for the women who love to take chances. Presenting before you 5 Jewellery trends of 2018 :


Tassel earrings are multicultural. You can have geometrical shapes covered in gold or silver polish with delicate cotton tassels dangling from the earring

Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces have soared into popularity since last year. What makes layered necklaces special is that you can experiment with different metals, the more, the prettier . Layered necklaces look fabulous with chokers.


Chokers are taking 2018 by storm. The last time when chokers were jaw dropping popular was in 1990s.


If you are looking forward to staying aside from delicate and girly accessories and would
opt for a more oriental look, you may have tribal dangler hook earrings. Looking at the markets one can easily say that , Boho is here to stay.

Statement Necklace

Despite the fact that they, more or less, look oriental and tribal,
statement necklace looks like the style of a woman who would dress to kill.

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